ABS, Brake Job Repairs

Brake Skid MarksSpecialized Service: ABS Brake Repairs

ABS Brake Systems, or Anti-Lock Brake Systems, have become a complicated area for the automotive service professional. The objective of your ABS system is to monitor the speed of your wheels and regulate the pressure on the brakes when you press the pedal. This helps prevent your wheels from locking up or skidding.

We are ABS Brake Specialists

Because of this, many shops are ill-equipped to handle the proper repairs and service of ABS systems.  You must have special equipment to properly service the ABS Brake System.

Symptoms of an ABS problem

It’s a good rule to get your car to us when any brake problems are detected. Sometimes the symptoms can be an early warning to a bigger problem. Acting sooner may prevent expensive and inconvenient repairs.

ABS brakes gives you safer braking

ABS braking makes stopping much safer because the stopping relies on your your braking system, rather than the tires and the road’s conditions.

ABS Brake Problem Symptoms:

  • ABS light on your dashboard
  • Brake pedal too firm
  • Pedal goes to the floor
  • Weak or spongy brakes
  • Pedal vibration
  • Brakes dragging
  • Brake noises, squeals, whines or clunks
  • Brakes pulling to one side or the other