Automotive Maintenance Services

We are big believers in proper maintenance for your vehicles. Why?

Blonde, Car, We Believe in maintenance servicesProper maintenance has great benefits to you, the owner of the car:

  1. It is schedule-able, but repairs caused by lack of maintenance usually is not. Obviously, you can call us and schedule a maintenance service such as an oil change. However the same may not be true when a breakdown is caused by a needed repair.
  2. It is more convenient that a repair caused by the lack of maintenance. A breakdown, especially for major repairs, may mean that your car is in the shop for days. That is much more inconvenient than a few hours while your car is having its maintenance performed.
  3. It extends the life of your car. Your car will last much longer when you take care of it with recommended maintenance. This is important especially when you want to choose when you want a new car, rather than having a major repair force you to choose.
  4. It keeps your car running in the smoothest, most tip-top shape. Proper maintenance keeps your car running in the optimal manner. Lubrication is maximized to all the important parts of your vehicle. Attention is paid to parts that may be wearing out. All of these things help keep your car running more like new, rather than an old clunker.
  5. It increases your resale value. When you properly maintain your car, you reduce the chances for a major repair. Trying to sell your car while it needs repairs, is more difficult and it lowers your resale value. Also, when you can show a buyer that you have properly maintained your car with records of maintenance, you will increase your resale value.
  6. It saves you money! Probably the biggest reason we should have all the proper maintenance done on our vehicles is because it so much more affordable than a repair. Did you know there are several major repairs that can cost $3,000 to $7,000 and can be prevented by low cost maintenance services? It’s true. Maintenance can cost you only a tiny fraction of the cost of waiting for repairs.