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Straight Wheel Ahead!

Be safe and make sure both you and your steering wheel are “aligned” out there on the road…If you notice your steering wheel is at an angle, even when you’re driving straight, it just might be a sign that your wheels are out of alignment.  Don’t risk an accident!  Have your tires and alignment checked […]

Trouble-Free Suspension Modifications for Your Vehicle

Learn about saving yourself trouble when your suspension is modified Modifying the suspension on today’s cars can add excitement, performance and improvements that many people want.  The aftermarket industry that develops suspension modification kits for your car has been making a lot of happy customers that get lots of compliments on their cars. However, too […]

Still having problems after an alignment? You’re not alone.

Alignments on many vehicles are tricky, and many companies don’t get it right. Great alignments that make your car feel perfect are challenging to accomplish on many vehicles.  This can be especially true with vehicles that have modified suspensions.  Lowered cars, lifted trucks and suspension modified cars for performance can be especially problematic to get […]