4 Wheel Alignment Specialists

San Fernando Valley Expert Alignment SpecialistsWe are very well known throughout the San Fernando Valley for our expert 4 wheel alignments. Using state-of-the-art, computerized 4 wheel alignment equipment and 30+ years of experience, we get alignments right the first time!

A proper alignment saves you money, improves safety, and optimizes a smooth ride.

A proper alignment puts the maximum tread on the road. The maximum tread improves your car’s safety and helps reduce stopping distance in extreme stopping conditions.

A proper alignment keeps the car driving straight down the road without having to compensate by turning the steering wheel to one side or the other.

A proper alignment maximizes the life of your tires. When your car is aligned correctly, the tires are not being pulled in any direction, they are running straight down the road. Tires can be eaten up by your car when the alignment is off.

Proper Alignment makes your car drive straight without pulling the steering wheelNot All Alignments are the Same

Valley Pacific is known throughout the San Fernando Valley for its expert ability for a great alignment. Because we are specialists for alignments, we have made some heavy investments into the best equipment. Our 4 wheel alignment system uses advanced computer technology for exacting a true alignment.

Once your vehicle is on our alignment system we print out a “before-alignment” document so you (and our staff) can see exactly the condition of your alignment before we make the needed adjustments. Then, our technicians, who have a great amount of experience, perform the adjustments. Once we have performed the alignment we print out a “After-Alignment” document to compare and confirm your alignment.

Many shops use very old methodology that doesn’t produce the right alignments. While we know, and occasionally may use, these old methods for one reason or another, our most effective methods use this new technology. Unfortunately, though some shops only have these old methods available to them unless they send their alignments to our shop, which many do.