Frame & Axle Straightening

Valley Pacific in Canoga Park's Frame Straightening and Alignment RackStraightening a bent frame or axle requires two things that most auto repair companies don’t have: 1) Very Specialized Equipment and 2) Service Technicians that have specialty training in this area.

Valley Pacific is one of the only companies in the San Fernando Valley with both of these qualifications. We have over 30 years of experience and have made the heavy investments into the right equipment.

But there’s something more that sets us apart

You simply won’t find a more dependable Frame or Axle Straightening repair anywhere! We have grown to be the Valley’s number one source for this service because of our uncompromising standards and commitment to excellence.

Mercedes Benz on Alignment Rack

We know that to perform an expert job of straightening a car frame or axle is both science and art. With our years of experienced we have honed our skills to become top-notch providers of this service.