Still having problems after an alignment? You’re not alone.

Lowered Import Sports car for racing, alignmentAlignments on many vehicles are tricky, and many companies don’t get it right.

Great alignments that make your car feel perfect are challenging to accomplish on many vehicles.  This can be especially true with vehicles that have modified suspensions.  Lowered cars, lifted trucks and suspension modified cars for performance can be especially problematic to get an exact alignment.  This is also true for cars involved in a collision.

Many different types of companies offer two-wheel and four-wheel alignments. Many even utilize very sophisticated laser alignment equipment.  However, too often, customers complain that the car still doesn’t feel right, pulls or causes tire problems after their alignment.

This makes sense when you examine the how the complex adjustments that are truly needed to get the alignment exactly right.  Too many companies, especially tire shops, don’t understand these complexities and therefore only do part of the job.  Many shops simply adjust the tow of the car.  While tow adjustments are the most common and can remedy improper tire wear, often other adjustments are required.

Lowered Suspension exotic cars need excellent alignmentsSuspension modified and performance vehicles are especially challenging

If your vehicle has the suspension modified by an aftermarket kit to raise, lower or improve performance, it can make a perfect alignment much more problematic.  It also is much more important for the vehicle to have that perfect alignment.

Adjusting just the tow, as many auto repair shops and tire shops will do, is not your solution.  Most mechanics using the equipment don’t understand the numbers well enough to make adjustments outside of the norm.

At Valley Pacific Frame & Suspension, this is our specialty.  We are the alignment shop for numerous auto repair companies and tire shops in the San Fernando Valley because they know we get it right the first time.

Here’s how we get alignments perfect the first time

We start with enormous experience.  We’ve been specialists in alignments for 40 years here in Canoga Park.  In those years we have worked on all types of cars, light trucks, medium duty and even big rig Kenworth trucks.  Whatever we can fit into the shop, we’ve worked on.

That experience is mandatory if you want to do the job right. This is because exact alignment adjustments often fall outside of what many shops understand.  With our experience, we understand how modified cars and those involved in a crash or hitting a curb can impact the longevity and exactness of the alignment.

The next vital ingredient to a perfect alignment is the right equipment.  We have invested heavily into the latest, state of the art laser alignment equipment – as well as numerous other tools.  Without these tools, a perfect alignment would be chancy.

When you combine the right equipment with the right experience along with a serious dedication to doing alignments perfect, you get a perfect alignment the first time.

Why Valley Pacific for your alignment?

As you have read, we offer a better alignment that that is hard to find in the San Fernando Valley.  Here’s the big reason to choose us, though.  We’re very competitively priced!  We know how to get the job done right quicker than many shops and this allows us to keep the costs down so we are often the same prices as other shops offering alignments.

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  1. I have a black 2007 GT 500. I took my car to you guys because it was in serious need of an alignment after I lowered it. Just want to say that you guys are awesome, very knowledgeable, and professional. Mark my alignment is on the money know. Thank you for everything.

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