Trouble-Free Suspension Modifications for Your Vehicle

Desert Racing TruckLearn about saving yourself trouble when your suspension is modified

Modifying the suspension on today’s cars can add excitement, performance and improvements that many people want.  The aftermarket industry that develops suspension modification kits for your car has been making a lot of happy customers that get lots of compliments on their cars.

However, too often, suspension modifications mean trouble for the car owners.  It can be quite difficult to get all of the car’s alignment and suspension adjustments just right for your car.  This is especially true for cars and trucks with modifications for Baja racing, street racing and racetrack racing.  The suspension must be perfect, high-performing and dependable.

We regularly hear stories from our new customers about the troubles they have experienced after adding a modification kit to their vehicle.  This includes those with lowered cars, lifted pickup trucks, and cars modified for racing.  They tell us their shop went back to the shop numerous times until they finally gave up on the shop and tried someone else.  Of course, because this is one of our specialties, we helped them out and the troubles were gone!

Canyon Racing Subaru with Modified SuspensionWhy is suspension modification commonly problematic?

Cars and trucks are developed by the manufacturers with exact specifications that keep them level, safe, aligned and performing with precision.  When you change one part of the suspension system, the complexities of other components have to be considered and other adjustments need to be made.  This includes alignment adjustments much of the time.

Every type of vehicle needs different adjustments and modifications to make the modification trouble-free.  For example a pickup truck modified for Baja racing needs much different care than an Asian import car modified for canyon racing.  The same holds true for 4 wheel drive pickups, family cars, exotic cars, vintage cars and others.

Valley Pacific Frame & Alignment LOGO, The San Fernando Valley's Source for Auto Repair, Frame, Suspension and Alignment SpecialistsAt Valley Pacific Frame & Suspension, we have 40 years of experience with suspension modifications on all these types of vehicles – and more.  We have seen it all from Mini-Coopers up to Kenworth trucks.  And in our years, the experience we have accumulated helps us with each and every car we service for suspension modifications.  We know the adjustments, we understand the numbers, we understand how the car is going to be used and more.  For example the same suspension kit may be used on the same model of car, but for two different owners.  If one owner wants the car for the racetrack where almost all of the turns are left-hand, we will make certain adjustments to aid the performance.  While the second driver may want to race the canyons and curves go right, left, bank up, bank down and need super-quick braking.   These two same cars need our experience to make sure the modifications are done properly for them.